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Allergen Reference Guide

Brownie Batter: gluten (wheat),milk, soy, egg


Cake Batter: gluten (wheat), soy


Chocolate Chip: gluten (wheat), milk, soy


Cookies & Cream: gluten (wheat), soy


Gluten Free Chocolate Chip: milk, soy


Lemon Sugar Cookie: gluten (wheat), soy


Mint Chocolate Chip: gluten (wheat), milk, soy


Monster: milk, peanuts, soy


Peanut Butter & Cookies: gluten (wheat), peanuts, soy


Pumpkin Spice: gluten (wheat), soy


Snickerdoodle: gluten (wheat), soy


Sugar Cookie: gluten (wheat), soy


Red Velvet: gluten (wheat), milk,  egg, soy

This allergen guide is specific to products ordered online.

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