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How do you develop cookie dough flavors?

Cookie Dough Bliss is very proud of the unique flavors that it has developed, as we have our flavor development team working daily to create new flavors and products for Cookie Dough Bliss. If you have a flavor you would like to see us develop, please let us know at

How often do you introduce new flavors?

We are constantly looking to enhance our flavors and expect to release a new flavor once every three months, or more often if we find flavors that meet our quality and taste guidelines.

Nut Allergies?

Some of our cookie dough flavors do contain nuts, but we have a lot that do not. For those who have a severe allergy, be aware we manufacture in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts.

Doesn't cookie dough contain eggs?

For our recipes that contain eggs, we use a pasteurized egg product, which means there is no health risk.

Is our cookie dough safe to eat raw?

ABSOLUTELY, thats right, all of our ingredients are safe to eat unbaked. 

What territories are available for franchising?

Cookie Dough Bliss intends to franchise throughout every State, as we know that our cookie dough is exceptional and that people throughout the country will enjoy eating at Cookie Dough Bliss.  For more information on franchising please contact us at

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